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COTECH : A global approach from materials to applications.

The project was supported by the European Commission through the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.

31 October 2012 : End of the project

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Today’s challenges

The trend towards ever-smaller products showing ever-smaller features down in the range of sub-micron and even nanometer scale is continuously progressing and leading to a demand for polymer-based micro-mechanical systems, which will require complex shaped and even multi-material components which cannot be produced using the available techniques.

In order to support European manufacturers in this context, existing micro fabrication techniques and tools need to be adapted and modified, which means that micro replication technologies such as micro injection moulding and hot embossing have to be improved significantly. Furthermore, automated part-assembly and highly sophisticated quality control techniques need to be established.

The COTECH project was initiated in order to further develop manufacturing and process technologies for the production of polymer-based micro-mechanical components and systems. The aim of COTECH was to develop and to demonstrate
new approaches of converging technologies and hybrid solutions for the manufacturing of polymer-based micro-mechanical components and systems.

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