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What does “COTECH - COnverging TECHnologies” mean?

To shorten time to market and to reduce costs, the vision of modular desktop or micro factories evolved. The micro factory of the future has to enable the further concentration and combination of complementary techniques (e.g. micro injection moulding and hot embossing, micro injection moulding and localized coating) as well as to significantly improve replication accuracy and possibilities, to realise automated assembly steps and to include highly sophisticated quality control techniques in all steps of the process chain.

To prepare the future micro factory for the polymer processing industry COTECH aimed at concentrating and combining complementary techniques by converging technologies and developing hybrid solutions in the full process chain of micro production. 

The following three approaches were investigated:

Concentration and combination of process technologies enabling the production of multi-material and/or multiform polymer-based micro-mechanical components and

Hybridisation of complementary replication technologies.

Concentration and combination of different processes for master and tool production needed for the replication