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Andreas Schoth, Group Leader, Precision Engineering, Micro Mould Making and Micro Injection Moulding , SP4 Leader, 4M NoE (Head of Division Polymer Processing), NemosLAb (Polymer Packaging of Silicon Biosensors, Disposable for POC,µTBC, German Innovation award, more than 10 patents and more than 20 publications in the field of polymer processing. From 1988 to 1993, he joined the Institute of precision mechanics and biomedical technology of the University of Berlin as a research associate, where he did his doctorate as well, on the subject of "Force Feedback Silicon Accelerometer with differential tunnelling probe". He then worked at the IMM Mainz from 19995 to 1997 in the field of micro tooling and micro moulding. The emphasis of his current research- and development activities lies in the advancement of electro chemical micro fabrication, micro tool making, and micro injection moulding for biomedical and consumer applications.